10 Ways to get website traffic Today.

10 Ways to get website traffic Today.

Are looking for ways to get more traffic to your website? Here are 10 ways to get website traffic today for free. Traffic generation is the number 1 key to success online. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service, if no one sees it no one cares. So here are some sure fire ways to increase traffic.

Each traffic source provide powerful Do-follow backlinks from high authority website. Not only will you get traffic from each website audience you will improve your SEO rankings. Building brick by brick is how you increase organic search engine traffic. Your leveraging other website traffic, and directing some to your website.

If you are only looking to send this traffic to a offer or landing page then you probably won’t see massive results. People online are sold to every minute of the day. How are you planing to set yourself apart from all the others? This is the question you need to answer before doing any because this will show you a pathway to success. Give people VALUE before you sell to them, build some trust and you will gain long term.

How do you know if the traffic source is good?

We are going to be using some metrics to show the quality of each traffic source. Global Rank and Country Rank will give you a easy snapshot of the quality. This do not lay out the full details of how each traffic source works, it gives you a scope of the scale of each website. 

There are over a billion website online today so the lower the ranking scores, the more powerful the traffic. To illustrate this point here’s an example, Reddit has a global ranking of 19 and a country ranking of 3. This mean its the 3rd most visited website in its country United States and the 19th most visited website in the world. This means its FREAKING massive with 1.5 billion website visitors each month.


Global rank is 6,600 with a country ranks USA of 1,600, this is a very good traffic source with 11 millions visitors per month. Digg.com is a new aggregator/ social media hybrid very similar to Reddit. It allow users to up vote and down vote content in the same as Reddit. 

Digg also allows you to setup a profile account to bookmark you links and create content. This is very powerful, Digg has a Powerful DA rating of 93. This means you will get a great backlink for your backlink profile for all you content you publish. Creating an account with Digg is free and a great backlinking tool.

75% of Digg’s traffic is direct traffic, getting 18% of its traffic from search and 3% from social media. With 75% of the traffic being direct this means Digg has a very committed community that love to website. Digg also I’ve do-follow backlinks and indexes your content.


Global rank 19,000 with a country rank India of 4,200 making Scoop.it another great website for generating traffic. Scoop.it get 4.4 millions visitors per month. With  a DA rating of 93 and do-follow back links, Scoop.it is a great source of traffic.

How does Scoop.it work? Scoop.It works as another bookmarking/social media website. One of the main function of Scoop that is different from other social media sites, is it content curation feature. Scoop allow you to connect  other social media and curate your content from one place to all social media pages you own.

Being able to curate your content from one location is very useful. This allows you to share all your content to all your social media pages from one platform. By having the ability to curate content and not spend a lot of time with each social media profile allows you to focus more on making the best content.


Global rank 103 with a country rank United States of 59 making imager 1 of the largest websites in the world. Imgur get 285 millions visitors per month with a DA 92 and provide powerful do-follow backlinks.

64% of Imgur.com traffic is direct traffic, this tells us it has a very dedicate audience that uses the site every day. 4.8% of the traffic id organic search with 24% coming from social media. These are stellar numbers when looking for a way to have you content go viral.

The way Imgur.com works is its a GIF and photo posting gallery. You can create cool GIFs and Pics that will prompt the audience to visit your website or offer. Build a following and community around your niche follow other like minded people and build relationship.


Global rank 6,900 with a county rank United States of 1,800 making boingboing.net a top tier source of traffic and back links. Boingboing.net get 9.9 millions visitors per month with 49% of their traffic being direct, 23% being search, and 17% being social media. 

With 23% of the traffic being search this means its provides a do-follow back link for your website. Now Boing Boing works a little different then the others traffic sources we listed. How does it work? You will need to signup for an account in order to post a link but each article is manually reviewed. 

By have each post manually reviewed the site want to have the best content on the front page. This doesn’t mean that you can get large amounts of traffic if you don’t make the front page. Whats important is always improving your Ad-Copy and putting your best content out. If you keep this approach in mind and you happen to get a front page spot the fallout will be massive.

Now there is another feature to use to get traffic that is a great way to posting your site. Boing Boing have a forum section that works like any other forum and you can post your content to this large sub community for more traffic. Please take the time to review the rule of the forum and don’t just spam. 


Flipboard has a global rank of 6,000 with a county rank United States of 2,200. The total visited per month is 11 million with 4 of the top 5 countries being the majority of the traffic. 75% if Clipboard traffic is direct. “Quick note” direct traffic is very important, because have a large user base will insure you have an audience that will want to consume your content.

16% of the traffic to clipboard is organic search traffic so all you content thats posted will be index. 5% of the traffic is referral with the remaining being social media. Clipboard has a DA rank of 91 and it offers a do-follow backlink to all content posted here.

Flip board has a very easy user interface and is free to join.

The way clipboard works is it acts as a magazine build tool first. This is very powerful because it allows you to section you content in to design groups. This makes it easier for visitors to find exactly what they might be looking for when searching.For example, if you are in the fitness niche you can create a magazine all about diet. 

Being able to section your content will streamline how users can absurd what you create. Anything that makes the experience easier will drive people to come back and this will increase your brand. Clipboard is one of my favorite traffic sources and backlink building site. Powerful do-follow links, 11 million visitors, easy interface and a great traffic generation platform is why I love it.

6. Mix.com

Mix has a global rank 34,000 with a country rank United States of 17,000. With an average visitors per month of 1.5 million having 3 of the top traffic countries getting most of the traffic. 68% of Mix’s traffic is direct traffic. This is a very dedicated traffic source that love this platform and is continue to grow.

68% of Mix traffic is direct, 19% social media, 6% search, and 5% referral. Mix has a DA rank of 81, this gives a powerful backlink when posting and is do-follow. Mix is free to join and has a very easy interface. Just submit any link and Mix will import the content onto the site with images and all.

What is Mix and how does it work? This is a social sharing site that allows you to post and share all content. You can also follow others and interact with others of like minded people. What sets Mix part from other social sharing sites is how simple the posting interface is. Simply add your link to your content or another content you want to share and upload.

With mix you don’t need to add any additional tags, description or images. Allow for a very easy user friendly experience. Your content and allow so be shared and like by the community just like other social sites. Why add mix into your traffic generation plan? Simple interface, free to join, easy to connect with others, and a Powerful do-follow backlink are everything you need to getting more organic traffic.


Hacker news has a global rank of 6,900 and a country rank United States of 3,100. Hacker news has an average visitor count per month of 9.2 million. 74% of Hacker News traffic is direct, 19% search, 4% referral, and 2% being social media. Of the 19% search traffic 100% is organic, this means the content is being index to google.

The way Hacker News works, is that its similar to reddit or other forums. It also has a up voting system that will allow content that people like shoot to the top of the page. When you first join you can only up others content and after you’ve aged your account you can then start down voting or up voting post. 

Before you join Hacker News you must know that its a community driven site and the audience is hip to marketers and they don’t like spam. You are allow to post anything including content promoting you site or blog, just don’t spam only your content. Now Hacker new has an impressive DA of 80 with do follow backlinks so this is a great site for traffic generation. 


VK is a unusual name for a website put please just stay with me. VK is the Russia equalvent of Facebook, its a massive social media site with nearly the same volume of visitors as Facebook. It has a global rank of 13 and a country rank Russia 2. With 1.8 billion visitors per month and all niches or groups covered it a top tier traffic source. VK.com 

Now most of the traffic sources we’ve talked about so far are from United States but please do not overlook this site. Eastern Europe has large population of the world and has 4 times as many people as the United States. It is smart marketing to be pulling traffic from as many regions of the world as posable. Use very tool and marketing strategies as you can to help give you an edge with your website.

VK has a DA of 80 and it provides do-follow backlinks, so and site with high DA and give backlink juice is great. 78% of the traffic is direct traffic, 13% is search, 4% is social media, with 2% referral. Now no worries if you are an English speaking person be google translate is your friend.

When creating a account the setup is very similar to Facebook. Also there are groups you can join and promote your content and build relationship with people all over the world. With a lot of the changes and restriction of Facebook VK can be a great asset to marketers.


Quora is an incredible tool for traffic generation community building and brand promotion. What makes Quora such an amazing place for traffic generation is that it’s a Q&A website.

The way Quora works, is people post question for professional and experts to answer. These question are sent directly to the person that ask but to others inside the community thread. Every answer has a chance to be up-voted or down-voted by the community. 

This Q&A format is perfect for instance traffic generation as well as SEO and backlink building. Quora has a DA of 93 this means it has massive authority With and average monthly listed of 2.4 million visitors. This platform is free to join and use, it also has an opinion for paid ads if you might be inclined to use paid traffic. 

The way you will use this traffic source for traffic generation is by answering the question asked by the community. Has you began to become an asset you can then post your links to your website inside the answers to address. Now it is important that you stick to the rules and guidelines of Quora. DO NOT SPAM your links everyday. This is a good way to have your account restricted for weeks. 

Quora’s Power

53% of Quora’s traffic is direct traffic, the people that come here are looking for answers. This is like buyers looking for products online and using search engines. 31% of Quora’s traffic is search traffic, this means once again your answer and links will be index and seen by search engines. This is a No-follow backlink but this doesn’t mean your links posted here are bad links. 10% of the traffic is direct mail traffic, so quora has a top tier email list that they get traffic from. 

What makes Quora traffic so great? Why you should be adding this traffic site into you traffic generation pool is how quickly you can pull traffic directly to your website. The more you make your brand known and trusted, the more exposure you will receive. By connecting directly with people you can easily build an email list for your site. This traffic source will take some time to generate large amounts of traffic, but the time investment will have a huge payoff.


Reddit is one of the largest websites in the world. This is a community control content posting platform. Reddit receives 1.5 billion monthly visits per month. Reddit has massive community treads that people join of all topics. Sharing content, question, topics are the center of how reddit works. 

The way Reddit works is you have subreddits. Sub-reddit’s are small community threads create by other users around a shared topic. As people join the subreddit they post, share, upvote or downvote the content that is added to the subreddit. This is a powerful way of community testing content and getting a direct response from the public.

Reddit upvote and downvote system is one of a kind. If you receive a ton of up-votes on a piece of content it would mean a Massive amount of traffic to your website. With 1.5 billion page visitors per month Reddit has a DA of 99, Country rank of 3 making it key to any content creator.

Each of the websites we’ve discus are only a few site that can help with traffic generation. When using free traffic methods you must keep in mind that each community is different. taking the time ti learn how each traffic source like to absorb their content is a key part of SEO and traffic generation.

Learn each Community.

First do not take a one size fit all approach when it comes to using any traffic source. This is a good way to hamper your traffic growth and delay you website and traffic generation. These 10 ways to get website traffic today is only a few of the places you can pull traffic from. There are tons of websites that you can uses for your traffic generation. 

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