Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is the premier online retailer, they offer a one-stop-shop for most of your product needs. You won’t have to do much in adunice building. Amazon has the customers that are looking to buy all types of products. Amazon affiliate program puts you and your products in front of tens of millions of people. You can make purchases from books, electronics, clothing and more.

If you are looking for a way to earn an additional income online, the Amazon affiliate program is the best choice. It can offer you an extra passive income stream to your affiliate marketing business.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program Requirements

You are required to register as an associate to promote products from Amazon. The process of joining is relatively simple. You will need a working email address, password, and username.  You are to give a detail description about yourself and your site. Make sure you stay within amazon guidelines for product placement.

Once register, you can log in and get an affiliate link. At the top of the page, you will be given Site Stripe that is the same as a taskbar that has links on your account. The Site Stripe is shown on each page you visit on Amazon and enables you to make links for no matter what product page you are on with ease. If you find the item you wish to promote, just click the link to this page, then Add to Widget, Add to store and build your links.

Your exclusive affiliate code will be available from where you can copy and paste the code into web pages. If using a widget to add products related to it, the widget can be customized to fit the style of the website.  The Amazon affiliate program must be something each marketer has at his or her disposal. With lots of items to select from, you are bound to get a product that fits your market.

What are the Advantages of the Amazon Affiliate Program?

There are lots of perks that you can obtain from the Amazon affiliate program. Being apart of the Amazon marketplace is the first advantage. Amazon has massive reach with a wide audience so you wont need to find your customers.  Some additional perks are mentioned below:

Get Commission for Items You Don’t Promote

Direct buys to Amazon with SEO articles, websites, banners, and backlinks. You get a commission once the item you promote is bought by the directed buyer. Even so, you still get a commission for each item placed on the shopping cart.  So items not promoted by you or you brand you will receive a commission for.

Use Many Tracking IDs

You can gain money with this program with easier tracking of income potentials. Other programs enable the maintenance of just a single account for each member. This makes monitoring of the weakest and strongest items quite hard. Amazon programs have moved away from this system. They enable the affiliates to keep many tracking IDs. Adding the tracking ID allows sellers to know what products are making money and what aren’t.

Making Money Using your Own Convenient Tools

There are affiliate tools, which impose the use of your own marketing systems. Quite useful and valuable, but extremely limiting with regard to the information of the affiliates utilizing them. The Amazon affiliate program enables the affiliates to use marketing tools online, which they used to. Once the affiliate does extremely well in embedding banners on diverse sites, the affiliate have the liberty to use them. Affiliates that skilled in writing reviews and articles, trends to the top. They can be utilized to make links on particular products on Amazon.

Commissions Carried Over 

In instances you don’t reach the minimum quota for payout per quarter, you don’t have to worry as you will get what you earned on the following quarter or until such quarter once you meet the minimum payout set. It’s your job to do all the hard works to make sure that your steps on the quote in order to get compensated quarterly.

Brand Recognition

Gain trust with customers by selling on Amazon. Having the trusted partner like Amazon make buys more likely to send their money. Digital fraud is a massive concern for everyone. Amazon protects both sellers and buyers with installs trusts. People don’t give out their credit card information to websites they are not accustomed to. Amazon is one of the largest online retailers and is a reliable and trusted name. Using Amazon as a sale platform will lead to you being capable of making sales to those that would otherwise be wary of making a procurement from you.

An array of Items to Select from

You name it, and Amazon has it. Amazon’s massive catalog of products makes it so easy for you to look for something to sell for any niche market. If a product is not selling very well, it can be replaced easily with the same product.

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Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

Amazon pays a high commission rate of 4 to 8 of every sale. Commission rates are based on the products, and will vary. This commission rate is low compared to other affiliate programs. But Amazon has secured payouts and massive pull. This money is guaranteed and adds up. Worry no more about Amazon closing stores and shutting down the site without paying out what affiliates owe.


Amazon will pay you a commission on each product the person you sent in 24 hours. Since people seldom buy one item, there is a high chance that you will earn more than just the commission on a single product you convinced them to purchase.

Hit the Easy Button

Amazon offers some excellent support in the affiliate industry. You can add products seamlessly to websites, blogs, and Social Media accounts. This makes creating wealth online easier with the Amazon affiliate program.

To earn money with Amazon affiliate programs needs a considerable amount of effort and hard work from the side of the affiliate.

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