Blogging Networks for new Bloggers.

Blogging Networks for new Bloggers.

Blogging netorkIf you’re a blogger who would like to do more sponsored posts, you may want to check out different blogging networks. There are many websites that allow you to apply for sponsored content opportunities in an easy way. While you may only be able to secure a few opportunities, it’s a good way to get started with sponsored content. There are tools on the website that make it easy for you to create content and to understand search engine best practices. You control the topics of the posts, as well as how they are promoted.

For those of you looking for a place to run your own paid campaigns, these platforms do a good job of helping you set up a budget. Most of the blogging networks allow you to control the keywords and how they are displayed in the campaign. This makes your campaign easier to manage and it gives you a good foundation to build from. These are all great opportunities to make money online without having to worry about getting your sponsored posts approved or running ads

 All of these sites offer you their tools and resources, so you can build your own campaign or create an existing one. Some allow you to create unlimited campaigns, this will give you the control you need. All of these websites also offer you tools to help you research your audience and the competition. These are all great opportunities to find the best traffic generation method for your site. As you run your paid campaign on these sites, the resources will help you track your results so you can keep track of your leads, conversions and sales.

Blog Network

There are many blog networks available, and you can use some of these sites to create your own resources. You can use these resources to publish articles, videos, embed tweets and more. All of these will help you build a resource website that can help you in your quest to build backlinks and revenue online.

One of these websites will offer you the tools you need to develop an article website, and you can use this to post your resources on other sites. These sites will give you the tools to run an advertising campaign and publish your resources in the network. Again you will have the opportunity to track your results and publish reports online.

A blogging network is also a great place to make money by writing and publishing ads. You can create a landing page that links to your resources and publish your ads to the network. This will get your ads indexed quickly, and you will have access to paid ad placement. Once you post your ads, you will be indexed and ranked in the search engines. Your ad will also be published on the page of the blog network that you are posting ads to. Ads are indexed and ranked on that page. Your resources will be published on every blog in the network.

 You will get exposure and traffic to your resources. This tactic works, but requires a lot of effort. This is a more manual process. You may also want to consider outsourcing this process. You can get services to post your resources to other blog networks or to article sites.

Should you Look to Join Blog Network?

There are a number of tactics for building your resources. Many of these can be automated so you can focus on other aspects of your business. You can automate these tasks to get your resources out on the web. In these instances you may prefer to pay a service that will manage your resources. Again this is something you will need to consider in your business. 

The most important thing is that you make sure you build and have published your resources on high ranking sites. These are high ranking because they are published in the network, and they will help you in your quest to build backlinks. It’s important that you build links to your resources and articles and videos. Your resource may have a higher Page rank because they are published on a page that has a high Page rank.

When it comes to professional blogging, one thing that should be on your to-do list is joining at least one great blog network. There are some really great reasons for connecting with other bloggers in this way. The top reasons are networking with other bloggers, learning more about the blogging industry, and gaining access to paid opportunities. Here are a few popular blogging networks that you should check out. They may not all be a good fit, but that’s okay. Find the ones that are and then get involved.

Blogging Networks to Join

If you are looking for a list of top Blogging Networks to join? No worries we are her to help. The list below are no means the only Networks you can join. This is a starting point for new bloggers and content creators.


Influencers and bloggers who are selected to this network are offered awesome opportunities to collaborate with brands to tell real stories in a way that will engage their audiences.


Social Fabric pays bloggers and other influencers for the work they already do – creating original content for major brands. If you’d like to join, you should work on the following:  Original and quality content, including story-telling. Original and professional photographs. Professional blog theme that is user-friendly. Active on three of the top social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram).


The community connects great brands with great bloggers in ways that benefit both parties. Brands can make real connections with their customers by partnering with influencers. Moreover, influencers can get paid to create content that bridges the gap between brands and their ideal customers. Everyone wins! Also, the SITS community is great for networking and education.


They strive for quality over quantity, so they only work with bloggers who can tell great stories and engage their audience. This media agency was started by a blogger who wanted bloggers to have more creative freedom in promoting brands. However, if you are a new blogger, you might want to bookmark this for later since it requires that you have 20,000 page views per month at the very least.


Acorn Influence is well-known for its high-quality campaigns, and the fact that they offer bloggers freedom to be creative, along with personalized touches, such as handwritten notes and thank-you gifts (in addition to usual compensation).


The Activate platform might be right up your alley if you’re committed to developing your social media presence. It lets you connect with other social media influencers and work with your favorite brands.  


Collectively Influencer marketing is an excellent way for bloggers to get exposure to major brands including Old Navy, Hewlett-Packard, and Pandora. They tend to be very picky about who they invite to be part of their team, but it’s worth applying.


Inspired bloggers Network is a very active Facebook community with over 11,000 members, offering a variety of useful courses through Inspired Bloggers University. If you’re looking for a network that provides education and connections for bloggers, I recommend The Inspired Bloggers Network.

The Women Bloggers

It was right about this time that I started really getting serious about blogging and wanted to learn more about how it works. I joined the network of bloggers (mostly women, but there are a few men) in Arkansas Women Bloggers, the founding chapter, back in 2012 or 2013.

Get Blogged

It’s a new network to me (And, to be transparent, this is my first assignment for them…), but I have heard about it from several blogger friends, and you can join it for free, so I figured it was worth checking out. This site provides dozens of sponsored post opportunities, across many niches, which you can apply for. While rates aren’t the highest, they’re fast, so you’re not stuck chasing invoices for months.

Also recently launched by Get Blogged as part of their blogger outreach program, The Marketplace allows bloggers to connect with brands directly. Here you’ll find more job opportunities and rates, and the Marketplace also features guest posting opportunities (where you’ll be paid to publish a guest post on your site), so you can monetise your blog quickly.

Shopping Links

Through this blog network, I’ve had several collaborations with brands like Boden, Ted Baker, Illamasqua, among others. Although I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me say it by now, you’ll still have to make time to sort through the available jobs to find paid posts from those offering only gifting. The brands may choose to contact you directly, as well, based on your profile information, but I always recommend never being afraid to ask for payment – even when it seems like a gift is all they are offering.


The name says it all: BritMums is an exclusive network for parenting bloggers, unlike some of the other outreach services I have listed here. Instead of connecting you with brands directly, BritMums selects bloggers for campaigns.

Mumsnet Influencer Network

Mumsnet is best known for their forums, but they also have an influencer network that connects bloggers with brands. I get regular emails from them with details of campaigns, some of which sound pretty amazing (Think fully-paid trips to Disney World, here…). 

It’s essential that your website is highly useful. This is important since it will help you in getting links from high Page rank websites. And since those links will be very positive for your website. You can make sure your resources and articles are good quality. The content in your resources needs to be good quality. This is very important.

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