Email Marketing is important.

Email Marketing is important

Every form of making money online has a email marketing component, no matter what is begin sold or promoted email mail marketing is important. Top department store, local businesses, ECommerce gurus all have 1 thing in common, email marketing.

Building a strong email list will ensure a long and successful way of make money. Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, CPA Marketing, offline direct sales all need email marketing in their marketing. But where do you start? First you’ll need a marketing system. There are plenty of marketing systems available and find one that will allow you to start your email. marketing journey will be key.

A marketing system is simply a marking tool for housing your email bank list and creating Ad copy. Some marketing systems will vary in price range based off needs. Don’t think one marketing system is far better than the rest, they each have their benefit and fault so picking one system earlier on does not mean you’re locked into that system for good. Find one you like and is easy for you to operate and you’ll be ok to start, and if you feel you need more in your business you can alway migrate to another system.

Knowing what a Lead Magnet is and how to use them.

Understanding the importance of a lead magnet is how you will motivate people to opt into you list. Giving something of value for free, in exchange for a email is how you entice cold traffic to give you their email address. Lead magnets doesn’t have to be a big give away but enough to show you have some personal authority in your business.

Lead magnets can range from a free ebook to a how-to video. You can be creative in what you want as a lead magnet so have fun. It’s better to give some vital information that will lead to the person success and having them opt in will allow them to receive more. what you are doing is leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for prospect to follow and at the end of that trail is and affiliate product for sale that you can earn a commission from.

Ad Copy

Creating good ad copy that converts takes time, so spending a little more time each day working on your ad copy will pay off big in the end. Now you don’t have to be the greatest copywriter to start, if writing copy seems like a challenge at the start then viewing as many video tutorial or outsourcing will relive so easy stress. Using fiverr or I-writer are some of the freelance service tools for your ad copy, but always be improving your own personal style because it shows in the writing.

Over time you should be focusing on building your copying writing strength. Not only will this improve your sales with your on email marketing, if you want to sale your services and a marketing professional you can. Practice, practice, practice, most of us in the online space don’t become top marketers overnight. Only after failing for the 99th time and getting up for the 100th time does it click for some. Keep at it, we all can reach a competent enough level to be successful at copywriting, some will achieve this faster than others but not stop you will get there.

Beware of the Noob Trap.

There’s nothing wrong with starting at the start line with email and affiliate marketing, but be careful with what you spend your capital on. Starting out while seeking information, you will find a ton offers holding the magical info that will teach you to start making $10,000.00 a month in 30 days, this is a noob trap.Online marketing has a step learning curve that everyone has to walk. 

No single course has the fix all for beginners in this game. If you have the choice of spending money over practicing to get better, then always chose practicing. This doesn’t mean that all courses for sale are bad, quite the opposite. But knowing what information you should be spending the time to learn is something only you can judge. Trying to take on a vast amount of information about marketing before you are ready is a sure fire way to make you feel like quitting. 

None of us started at 1st grade then when straight to 12th grade in a single year. Its the same with email marketing,affiliate marketing or any make money online business.

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