How will COVID change how we make money?

How will COVID change how we make money?
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How will COVID change how we make money? The US economy shrinking to 4.8% in the first quarter, what will be the new economy. How can we prepare for the changes in the future? Looking at the increasing  number of people being delayed from working or completely losing their job because our current global pandemic, how will we change the way we make money in the future. Looking to earn extra money online will be the primary means of adding income to all of our households.

No small task, or is it? 

Where do you start when looking to earn money online? The first way would be to start blogging or creating a website highlighting ones personal skills and talents. But where do I start? Here are a few places to get you started. 

  1. Tumblr 
  2. Blogger
  3. Word Press

The List of sites are some of the biggest platform to start blogging or website creation.

 1. Tumblr being the largest blog site it is a very beginner friendly site for creating a blog. Very simple layouts, easy to setup and start posting with a easy to learn system of posting and reposting content.

  1. Blogger is also a new user friendly platform to get started with 

blogging. Not as big as tumblr or as streamline but you can very quickly learn the layout of the platform and create a simple and clean blog for free.

  1. Word Press, of the three listed this is the most in-depth site with the biggest back office system.  Word Press also has the most integrated interface and 3 party program available for site growth and performance it is the premium chose for people looking to create a mass website.

I would personally recommend Word Press because of the endless amount of tools for building and growing a website. In addition you can setup personal hosting which allow you to keep all files of the content you’ll be posting. However starting your online career with any other blog platform isn’t a wrong choice so research with site you would like to begin and put it to work earning in the new economic future.

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