Is Email Marketing Better Than Social Media Marketing?

Is Email Marketing Better Than Social Media


The social media boom of recent years has made email seem outdated. Email marketing is still considered one of the most effective digital marketing channels to increase audience awareness, boost acquisition, and increase conversion. Email marketing is more powerful than ever before.

Ignoring email as part of your marketing strategy means you are missing out on potential business opportunities. Whether you’re talking about email marketing or social media marketing, there are some things that you need to consider.

1. Building your list. As I mentioned in a previous article, email marketing is not an all-powerful tool that enables you to reach out and touch millions with the touch of a button. That said, it is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to reach out and touch a relatively small number. So, you’ll want to think of how you can build your email list, and then actually deliver a message to that list.

2. Using tools. You can use software to build your email list. Many software packages come with email promotion capabilities. However, if you are not savvy with computers, this may not be your best option. You’ll want to learn how to use computers to your advantage. You’ll start by purchasing an email list builder software package.

3. Engaging content. Content is king in marketing. There is no doubt. If you can create compelling content, it can make or break your campaign. And you definitely want to make your content compelling, it will build your subscribers’ interest, and help you build a responsive list.

4. How often you send. In general, the more frequently you send, the more sales you will make. But, if you don’t get complaints about your email messages, you’ll receive complaints, and this can hurt your bottom line. (Again, this is a general guideline, and it is always good to review your emails to determine the frequency for your particular campaign).


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What is The Need of Email Marketing in This Era of Social Media?

Again, if you have already built a list, you’re probably familiar with these ideas already. In my experience, it is relatively simple to build an email list. However, it requires a considerable amount of work. I believe it is important to stress this point again:

It is crucial to build an email list. If you don’t, you will miss out on the exponential growth that email has delivered to the internet in recent years. Once you are able to build a responsive email list, you can start to build your business. With a list, you have access to an entirely different set of customers than you would without a list. You will, in essence, be able to send them any product or service you want them. That is the power of email marketing.

But, before you start sending out emails, you need to identify who on your list is going to be interested in the product or service you are going to send them. If you have an affiliate program, you will want to do everything you can to build a list of prospects that are interested in the products that you sell. The email list is the key to this.

The way you build your email list is to have a landing page on your website. On that landing page, you will have a space for them to enter their email address. Then, you will have an opt-in form on that landing page that will appear on your website. You will want to have more than one opt-in form on your landing page. The first form will appear on your website as a widget. But, you will also want to have a second form on the landing page that will appear as a pop-up on any visitor who enters their email address.

Email List Building.

The pop-up form requires no additional HTML code on the site. The pop-up form is also a passive form of traffic. It just pops up on the page. All that is required is a code that appears in the pop-up box. Building a list is actually two parts. The first part is collecting emails. The second part is sending emails out.

Collecting emails is not as hard as you think. Once you have your landing page and pop-up box set up, a visitor is going to enter their email address. All that is required to get that email address is a simple text box where they type in their email address. There is no need to have any pop-up box or button to receive credit card information. So, you have a captive audience now. People who are interested in your products. How does this help you to sell?

When you send emails out, you will be able to promote any products that you want to sell. You will be able to send offers to your subscribers in a passive manner. People will sign up for your products. You will now be able to send them offers.

What will happen is that the offers that you send out will be sent out to your subscriber list as though you were sending it out to your own. It will look like you are sending it out to your own list of people. It is easier to sell to your own list if you are sending offers to someone else’s list. This makes it look like that you are sending them to your own list and not the subscriber’s list.

Give Subscribers a Reason to Join.

So, you should consider giving the people on your list an incentive to sign up for your products. Give them something that they want. If you give them a t-shirt, you are giving them an incentive. If you give them a report, you are giving them something that they can give to their friends and family members. A free eBook or video is an incentive. If you give them something, it will be more likely that they will sign up for the products that you are marketing. This will help you to build an email list.

Why List Building is powerful.

Your regular email sends will help you build relationships with your subscribers. Send high-quality content to your list. Every email you send should be actionable and valuable, such as an offer or a discount.

1. Email marketing helps you build relationships and credibility.

You should use email marketing to connect directly with your customers and provide a way to contact you with their questions. Email makes your business more personal and personal to the customer. Email makes it easy for customers to ask questions.

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