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Lifestyle Blog Topics | How to get Ideas

Here at Marketing Wealth Apex we spend a lot of time going over all things digital marketing. However our main goal is to help bloggers, web developers and anyone working online. The mission statement here is to provide the highest quality of information for user across any niche and not just digital marketing.

We’re going to talk about Lifestyle blog topics in hope of help some that might be struggling to get started. A lifestyle blog is primary about the writer’s life and/or hobbies. If blogging is your thing then you will spend a lot f time talking about the nuances of blogging.

Pet lovers, car heads, foddies are all examples of what a lifestyle blog topic can be. Topics could also be about politics, healthcare and really anything that drives your passion.

Getting Started with Your Lifestyle Blog

Give yourself a minute to think before you commit and give honest answers to these questions:

  • “The person” who takes photos wherever you go? Are your pictures impressive?
  • Are you capable of portraying the perfect image when you have free range children to control?
  • Would you be okay with having your day-to-day life exposed to the world (even if it’s controlled)?

I limit the amount of information I share. When starting a lifestyle blog, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a snapshot of your life right now. You can talk about the life you want to live. Take the time to secide how you want to pursue your blog style. You’ll be building your ideal life through your blog. It will be inspiring to readers, as well as inspiring to you.

Please describe your new blog in one sentence.

Being able to describe your blog in one sentence tell readers you are being authentic. Being original and authentic will come out in your writing. Also originality will massively help your SEO with Google.

Your blog is more than just a collection of news or updates, it wants to be a place people spend a lot of time, discussing what interests them and sharing their life with others. If you want to build up a large readership you want to give them reasons to come back, and there are many reasons you can give them to come back.

Some people want to share some good news, some want to find out how to improve their life, others want tips on how to get a promotion, and many different products and services you can offer them.
But, your readers want to find out more about you as a person, so it is very important to understand what draws them to your blog and what interests them so that you can make your readers life easier.
When you are writing your blog, it is important to keep it focused to one topic to avoid a huge gap in content.

Readers In Mind

You want to give your readers a good feeling, a good reason to keep coming back, or you can give them a bad experience, like a bad experience or bad service or bad or expensive product.
In order to focus your blog, it is important to write every day, and the more days you write the better. You have to get back to your readers what attracted them to your blog and what keeps them coming back. This is what will make your blog successful in terms of content.

So, to sum everything up, in order to get started with blogging you just have to write on a certain topic, one that keeps people coming back to your blog. If you focus on one single topic, you will have a good flow of visitors on your blog. If you write a lot and give good value, people will keep coming back and this will make your blog successful.

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What is lifestyle Blogging?

There are those who write about their family and parenting, there are those who share about their careers, and many others who share interesting stories and ideas based on their own personal lives and interests. A lifestyle blog is like a personal journal of sorts. content you see shared on a lifestyle blogs is what people feel is meaningful to them, and is not what’s commonly seen in mainstream society. interesting parts are those personal stories and ideas, that people feel strongly about and that is reflected in the content.

A few good examples of a lifestyle blogs are:
2. Life in a Day
3. My Adventures in Life
4. Travel Blog: This site is actually set up to provide travel bloggers with great content to look at.

This are some of the best lifestyle blogs out there.With all that being said, a lifestyle blog is the best type of blog to make money with, it is a good way to share content, ideas, and people feel strongly about. The best blog monetizing tool is Google AdSense.

Trending Blog Topics For Lifestyle

There are numerous profitable niches you can choose from, including home decor or health and fitness. Niches we can relate to. Some niches in blogging are easier to monetize than others, but the basic principle is to write about popular topics. You can make your first blogging income by finding a trending subject, promoting it for free on Pinterest, and learning some SEO…

The world is in a very weird place at the moment and though we hope things improve by the year 2021, we’re already approaching a different normality. No matter the industry, blogging is still thriving. People are spending more time online and this trend will continue into 2021.

These are the major topics of 2020 that will continue to be relevant in 2021…

Health and Fitness

I expect the interest in healthy living to continue in the future as everyone becomes more motivated to exercise. In 2020, traffic to my lifestyle blog grew exponentially reflecting people’s sudden interest in being fitter. I write about running, walking and healthy living. The seriousness of the current pandemic is a reminder to acquire adequate physical fitness, put an end to smoking, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. These are always popular topics and I expect they will continue to be big in 2021.

Work From Home

As a result of this “work from home” keyword change, people are looking to know how to set up their home office instead of making money from home. By 2021, I expect the “home based business” trend to continue, but its original meaning will likely be taken back – earning money from home. People are seeking side hustles and start-up business ideas through financial hardships and job losses.

Food & Recipe

After stockpiling toilet paper during a crisis, the world’s focus became food. Home cooking is huge right now out of necessity. You can be a big food blogger if you come up with tasty recipes and take great pictures, which could help you place your blog at the top of your niche. People have been turning to cakes and treats to cheer themselves up since the great British bake off launched in the UK.

Travel Blog

There are losers and winners in every catastrophe. It was predicted that travel blogs would die in early 2020, but some wise bloggers managed to comeback by writing about travel at home. The travel blogging industry will have to wait a while before international travel is available again. Meanwhile it can still benefit from posts about day trips, staycations and visiting local outdoor spots.

Home Schooling

There’s never been a better time to home school. Some parents home school out of necessity but there’s every chance that some will enjoy the home schooling experience and have a better experience with it as life returns to a new normal. Especially for young children, I anticipate it will be a growth area for the next few years. (home-schooling teenagers would require serious commitment on your part).

DIY and Crafts

With more and more people at home, DIY and crafts are predicted to skyrocket in 2020. There’s no sign that the trend will slow down for 2021. I wonder how many people are painting their homes now! Any money saving ideas for crafts or DIY will be welcome this year, as the economy should be tight this year.


People who had never grown anything before are now using their spare time to grow stuff. In 2020, gardening will exceed all expectations. Starting a gardening blog is a good idea at the moment.


The survival niche has increased in popularity over the last few years. More people are looking for ways to improve their self reliance. The pandemic is causing people to learn some of the old ways of survival. No matter your personal position this niche popularity continue to skyrocket.


Beauty hacks are quite popular at the moment, as beauty salons are closing and opening and closing again. Budget hacks are mostly on the list because we are looking for ways to remain beautiful on a shrinking budget.

Personal Finance

Personal finance blogs will also be popular in 2021 because people want budgeting tips and hacks that will make their money go further. Make suggestions that are helpful to your audience. Help them save money so they’ll come back for more.

Never too Late to Start

In order to succeed as a blogger, you should proactively stick to breaking trends rather than rushing out to start one. The trends will be long gone when you launch your blog.

If you want to be on trend, go to these alternative sources:

Google Trends

It can be quite overwhelming to see the search patterns on a daily basis. There’s a lot of detail in Google’s Year In Search. You can also look at trends in your chosen niche. What’s not surprising is the top beauty how-to for 2020 will be “how to cut men’s hair at home.”


Want to find out what people are asking about? Check out Quora. Just search for a topic and a list of questions will appear. Pick out the ones with a lot of answers.


Finding trending issues on sub-reddits is a great way to find out what’s relevant to your niche. It’s an excellent market research tool. With discretion, you can get direct feedback on what works for your niche.

Answer The Public

Do you wonder which questions are being asked right now? Answer The Public offers up the latest questions people are asking on any topic. Get amazing results by turning a question into a blog post. It’s worked for me and for you too, I’m sure.


You can simply type your topic directly into Google. Scroll down and you’ll see the box called People Also Ask. These are questions users are searching for right now, just like Answer The Public does. While Google may not respond quite as fast as Pinterest or other social media channels, it’s still a valuable source of information for your next blog post.Focus on Content

Content is #1 factor when you rank website. It takes long time to rank website. Content is not hard. Content is not difficult. You need to write original content. Your content is the key to your website. You can write new content or improve old content. This is very important.


Focus on Commenting

Commenting is #1 factor when you rank website. You need to comment many times, If you know many sites, If you want to win few comments. You need to comment. If you can give your site link and comment on those sites. I think, this is the most simple and the most efficient way to focus on websites.


Focus on Writing

In order to focus on websites, You need to write at least 2 to 3 times some articles. You need to write at least 20 to 30 articles. I think, This is the most simple and efficient way to focus on writing.


Focus on Other People

You need to give your link and get some points. Then you can feel very comfortable. I think, This is the most simple and the most efficient way to focus on other people.

If you have some ideas to focus on when you write a article or even you have many ideas and you still want to focus on other people, then I advise you to do this. This is the most simple and the most efficient way to focus on other people.


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