Looking to learn more about off page SEO?

Looking to learn more about off page SEO?

First what is off page SEO? Off page SEO simply put is, building a network of back line leading back to your website or blog. Each time you create an article content you want more people to see it, so you go to share your blog article to your facebook page or instagram or another social media site you have. If you are looking to learn more about off page SEO, here are some tips to help.

This is off page SEO, putting a link of your content in different spaces across the internet. Why is this important, and why you should be doing it? Getting powerful backlinks for your website will create what is called an index. An index is similar to a time stamp. each time you post your content for others to consume you index that piece of content. the google machine likes this, this aids goggle  in ranking your website and content.

Having backlinks from high PA websites will help google push your content a little further to the top of the search engine. By increases the organic traffic to your website and getting more people consuming your content.

Backlink building my not be as simple as it sounds. You will need to share your content to wide variety of audiences to really boots your backlink strategies. So what are some ways to get the most out out back linking?

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a great way to building back link juice. Reaching out to other blogs within your  niche might seem like a bad thing, but its not. If a website has a higher Page Authority then yours, then this will be a great opportunity to get a good back link.

This is also a method of networking, in the online space. Think of guest posting as going to a seminar and meeting other people in your field of work and building a relationship that could led to something positive in the future. Guest blogging works in the same fashion, yes you are providing content to a website thats not yours but your getting a solid back link as well as eyes to your articles that could bring traffic back to your page.


Doing a Q&A is another great way of off page SEO. Solving someone’s problem is a quick track to getting traffic to your website or blog. Finding forums is a good place to start like  Quora. Another good place is Reddit, sub treads about your niche is some of the places to get questions answered and traffic to your website.

Here are some tips when doing a Q&A. First DONT span the spaces you are entering. Spam is the quickest way to be band or ignored so be respectful of the community. Offer a solution and not your website first. Give people a reason to listen to what you have to say and not tell them to listen. Be an assent and not a pain in the butt by spamming linking to your website.

Social Profiles

Social media is everywhere so have a sires of social profiles will go a long way in building your trust on the topic. Social media is a long game but the payoff is huge. Not only will this give you back link juice you can create your on personal community around your topic or niche. 

The trick to Social media is that its not a one size fits all audience. So be careful of trying to be on all the social media site at the same time. Pick 1 or 2 sites and master that audience  before adding another social profile. Learn what the audience wants and how they like their content this will go a long way in build traffic.


Forums are a great way to build backlinks and improving your off page SEO strategies. Forums allow you to create threads about anything you want to promote. There are hundreds of forums talking about a thousand different things with people looking for content. Looking to add four marketing is a great way to increase your traffic.

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