Web Traffic Generation Tips

Web Traffic Generation

Are you running a blog, a website or an online business? Are you losing profits because of insufficient web traffic? Would you like to increase more targeted Web traffic for your specific audience? If your answer is yes, then let me tell you that Web traffic generation is essential for the establishment of any website be it on the Internet. 

More than 50% of the visitors land on your website and leave it within 30 seconds. Only 25% visit your website for more than 5 minutes. In fact, the average time that people spend on a single website is about 8 seconds!

Trying to get more traffic to your website isn’t as simple as doing SEO or pay per click advertising. If you’re looking for more traffic, here are the 5 Top Ways to Generate Traffic and Increase Website Visitors.

Getting new visitors to your website isn’t easy. In fact, it’s so difficult that many startups fail because they can’t get people to visit their products and services. This is especially true for companies that are a part of a larger industry (i.e. retail stores).

The best way to increase web traffic generation is to start a conversation with your target audience. Start by looking up the top blogs in your niche; identify the writers who are doing the best work and engage with them on social media. The best way to do this is through Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms.

The Best Way to Generate Web Traffic Organically.

When it comes to generating traffic to your website, there are many different ways of doing so. One of the most popular and effective methods is through the use of search engine optimization, or SEO.

Trying to get traffic to your website without the use of SEO techniques can be a very difficult task. It’s not impossible by any means, but with so much competition out there for high ranking placement on major search engines, it can take some time and effort before you finally start to see any results.

We’ll go over some SEO tips and strategies that you can use to generate more traffic to your website, including those that are free and those that require a monetary investment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order for this strategy to work, but you should know that investing in SEO can be one of the best ways for you to get more traffic coming into your website.

Quick SEO tips For more Traffic

TIP 1: Write Quality Content and post it in your site – Make sure that you have excellent content in your site and make sure that it is updated regularly. Search Engines love sites with quality contents especially with keyword rich contents as having high quality contents will enable you to rank better in search results of popular search engines like Google.

TIP 2: Build Link Popularity – It is essential that you build up link popularity especially if your website is new. This will help in getting high rankings in search engine result pages. You should make it a point to create quality links from other sites which are related to your niche.

TIP 3: Be Visible Online – One of the things that you need to do especially if you want higher ranking on search engine results page is to make your presence felt online through different sharing sites such as Digg, Yahoo Buzz etc. One effective way of getting more visibility online is to use social media marketing such as facebook and twitter to create more buzz about your website.

Social Media is a Great Traffic Generation Tool

Social media has changed the way we promote ourselves. For starters, it’s given us all a free and powerful form of advertising. You can now have an audience of millions at your fingertips in less than a minute.

This is certainly not the way it was ten years ago. Back then, if you wanted to promote yourself or your business, your only option was to advertise in traditional ways: newspaper ads, radio spots and so on. But this is a new century and those methods just don’t cut it anymore.

Social media gives you an opportunity to share your content and promote yourself or your business to hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in what you have to say. But it takes more than just posting your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. To be effective in promoting yourself or your business with social media, you need to interact with people as well as post things they want to see on their news feeds and timelines. So how do you do that?

A few Social Media tips Before starting:

Step 1: Decide which social network is best for your business.

This may sound silly but it really is an important step because if you waste time trying to use a network that does not fit with your brand image, mission statement or target audience then you’re wasting precious marketing time.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, social media is about quality not quantity! Save yourself time and energy by focusing on one network at a time until it becomes a habit and your get a good return on investment (ROI). Your time is capital and you want to spend it effectively.

I would recommend starting with Facebook as it offers the most potential for high ROI, however Twitter and LinkedIn could be good in certain situations depending on your niche.

Step 2: Create a following on that network.

For example, every time you post an update on Facebook or send out a tweet about your latest sale, those updates will appear in your customers’ news feeds. When they see that you’re actively promoting yourself and interacting with people, they’ll be more likely to keep up with you.

The key is consistency. If you have an active social media presence but don’t follow through on any of your promises or often forget to update your followers, they’re not going to trust you as much. It’s important to post regularly so you don’t lose your following!

Step 3: Make sure you learn each platforms audience.

The most effective way to reach your audience through social media is to create content that relates to their interests and the issues they care about.

Tailor your content so that it’s relevant to your audience. Remember, this doesn’t mean that you should change your opinions or views to suit them, but simply provide information that is relevant to what they want.

Keep in mind that although different platforms attract different types of people, each platform attracts its own community. These communities have their own set of values, interests and styles of interacting with others. For example, Twitter users are generally more interested in real-time news than Facebook users, who are generally more interested in sharing photos and links with friends.

In order to make your social media marketing efforts more effective, you need to learn each platform’s audience so you know what they’re interested in and the best way to communicate with them.

traffic generation

Traffic Generation Tips

There are many ways to generate traffic, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You can get some quick results of traffic generation if you know the correct methods and best practices of gaining traffic.

Here are some effective ways to build quality traffic on your website:

1) Blog Commenting – Blog Commenting is one of the best ways to increase your blog readership. When you leave a comment on another blog, it will appear under the title of the post or article which is linked back to your website. It’s therefore an effective way to drive traffic back to your blog and make new friends in the process.*

2) Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Because of its popularity, it has enabled users to easily bookmark sites.

3) Forums posting- Forums are a great place to get your feet wet. You can use them to get in touch with other bloggers and network. They are also great places to ask questions and learn something.

Forums are basically online communities where people with similar interests gather to discuss various topics. You can find forums on just about anything, which means you will have access to a lot of like-minded people who can offer you advice and support.

If you want to build a blog that generates lots of traffic, you need to be part of these communities. For one thing, they can help you gain a following since you can reach out to other bloggers who may be able to send traffic your way. These communities are also good for building relationships and learning from others who have been in your shoes.

4) Guest posting- Guest posting has become a very popular way to promote websites and blogs. While it is possible to drive traffic through natural search results, writing for other sites will help your website with backlinks and also bring you new followers.

Here are four great places that accept guest posts:

1. HubPages – HubPages is a great place for beginners to start their search for guest posting opportunities. Having been around since 2006, they have a database of over 1 million articles written by over 200 000 authors. It is one of the most popular places for both readers and writers online today.

2. Squidoo – Squidoo has over 35 000 lenses created by its users which gives it a unique perspective where any topic can be covered at length. It has no restrictions for publishing or self-promotion so it makes a good choice for someone who wants to promote their site in depth without stepping on anyone’s toes.

3. LiveJournal – LiveJournal is an older blogging platform that still has a strong following with powerful reach. You can connect with some of the top website to network with.

4. The Huffington Post – The Huffington Post is a very popular site for bloggers and readers alike, allowing you to gain the attention of one of the most widely read publications online today.

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