What are backlinks? How do you use them?

What are backlinks? How do you use them?

What are backlinks? Back links are links leading back to the original page of the content,blog, or website. Why do you need backlinks in SEO? Backlinks are major factor in helping google rank your blog or website for the keywords your targeting.

Social Media web 2.0

How do you get backlinks and how to use them? Social Media bookmarking is a great way to start back linking. Share your content across multiple social media accounts that you mange is a great way to get backlinks. Be careful in implementing this tactic and only focus on 2-3 social media site if you’re just starting your blog and you don’t have a massive following.

Guest Post

Guest post is another tried and true way of getting back links. Search for blogs are relative to your niche. Do some outreach to the content creator or webmaster of the blog about doing some guest writing for the website. The reason this is so effective is because blogs will get free content and you can get a source link for your website.

Don’t just reach out to any blog that will host you. Make sure the blog relevance matches yours. Google likes relevant content and this will help to get your content to page 1 of google search engine. 

improve you backlink proflie.

Blog Aggregators 

Blog Aggregators can be a big traffic source and a bad link builder.News aggregator shares massive amounts of content over a large verity of topics. The audience love coming to one location and getting multiple choices of article types.

Working a few blog aggregator site into your strategy will give you a host of website types that will empower your links and help with organic traffic. Last key factor is spread your link building process over a schedule. Google doesn’t link getting tons pf back links to a website all in one day, this is an indicator of paid backlinks. This is not good for your ranking. so make sure you spread the amount of link build over the course of 3-7 days for each piece of content.

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