What is Passive Income?

What is Passive Income?

So what is passive income? Passive income refers to money you earn without trading time for it. This doesn’t mean no work is involved. The biggest misunderstanding about passive income is that it’s completely turn key. NO! Setting the foundation is work, and have a payout over time is how passive income works.

 In short, create a system, let it work for you, make income from the system, and find a way to financial freedom. This is how you allow money to work for you rather than for you working hard for the money. So, to make things clear, passive income is the income made if you work hard right now and earn continuously for later on.

What is considered passive income?

For some, it comes in the type of investments; for others, it comes in royalties. What this means to say is that you initially invest money and time in a business. If the business is up and working, it will generate income for you even if you no longer spend a lot of time on it.

Are you a forward-focused thinker person? If so, then you might be dreaming about resigning from your present work to take pleasure in an easier life in retirement. Or you may even be thinking of retiring early. However, a dream with no concrete plan is only a wish.

You can consider passive income to make that wish come true. There are many options available when it comes to passive income. And there are justifications of how to build it. If you are not fully aware of what is passive income this will help you. Keep on reading!

The Importance of Building a Passive Income

Income is considered the greatest wealth-building tool. This is a tool that usually needs your dynamic participation in the type of 9-5 job. Maybe you are aware of what I am talking about. Even when you enjoy your job, I bet you would not mind earning some additional income without sweat, time commitment, blood, and tears. Below is what building a passive income is able to do for you.

Boost wealth-building plan.

Make a chance to retire at an early age.

Keep you safe and sound from a full loss of income once you lose your job.

Give an extra source of income when you outlive your retirement fund or if you can’t work.

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How Much You Can Earn

In general, passive income doesn’t make a rich man out of you overnight. Therefore, forget about instant-rich schemes or methods you have heard of. But, profitable, steady passive income choices can build serious money in due course. We are talking anywhere from hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands- t all depends on the flow of income.

Steps to Build a Passive Income

All of us can build a consistent flow of income once we start with the best passive income ideas. Basing your hard works on solid, proven passive income ideas will provide you the foundation to make long term wealth online.


Blogging shouldn’t be regarded passive as you do need to put fresh content up regularly. However, if you have built your audience, keeping your site becomes easier. All you want to do is maintain a daily schedule of fresh content and respond to comments. Many successful blogs just take an hour or two daily, yet they are able to bring in a considerable amount of money during that time.

The technique here is to pick the best topic. Make sure the chosen niche is wide enough to bring in lots of people but narrow enough to be considered an authority on the subject.

 Affiliate Marketing

Maybe this is the most renowned type of passive income. While many may think of it as active in the sense that you have to market the services or products, the trust is that a lot of affiliate marketing websites are passively by nature, offering the information like blogs that appeal to specific groups of people that in turn buy the products or services.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it almost costs no money to begin. All you have to do is to register with any of the thousands of websites, which provide the services and products you like to promote. For every sale, you’ll get a commission that is normally a small percentage. If you make more sales, you get lots and many profits.


Apps are considered multi-billion dollar businesses, which everyone who utilizes a smartphone is accustomed to. What is more, creating an app is easy today, even if the complex ones will take knowledge of the design team. If you are able to come up with great app ideas and develop them, you can make a significant amount of time daily.

The key lies in the idea. It should b attention-getting, user-friendly, and addictive. The most popular types of apps are games; however, they also the most expensive ones. Still, if your idea is sound, you are able to earn a significant amount of money off a one great app idea yearly.

 Article Writing

There are many sites that enable you to publish articles on almost any subject. Like for instance, Hubpages and Squidoo don’t need any money or setting up beyond filling out a simple registration form. What is more, you are able to register to affiliate market products from various sources like Amazon. The more people reading your blogs means more money from the affiliate products you sell.

On the other hand, you will require writing lots of interesting blogs to attract the attention you want to be profitable. A lot of successful article writers who utilize the above mentioned websites earn a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly.

This will mean that you have to write well more than 100 blogs at least and perhaps a lot to reach your objectives. However, it is attainable and does not cost any amount of money. As with other passive income ideas, the subject you opt for should be broad enough to reach a large audience.

These are only some of the best passive income ideas which you can utilize to build up a healthy passive income over the years. Keep in mind that the core of passive income lies in creating a concept, which gets the attention of many people and will see time and again.

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