What is the Mindset for Success?|Mindset vs. Growth

What is the Mindset for success?

When getting started with affiliate marketing, or any make money online opportunity you will hear the words,”Mindset”. What is the mindset needed for success online? This is being sold all over the internet. Mindset is talked about like its a upper tier level of consciousness that “those chosen by the Gods have. What is the mindset for success? What is a growth mindset needed to gain more skills? Very simple the willingness to work hard on personal development.

Is mindset something that can be objective measured or is it a talking point use to sell us a course? The mindset argument isn’t new, and only sold by today’s gurus. We’ve all stayed up late one night and seen infomercial talking about the winning mindset. Is mindset something that can be easily packaged and sold to us, as a way to solve all of life’s problems? 

Have we solve the mindset question? | What is a growth Mindset?

The short answer is No! If you do any research done by psychology, you’ll find the human condition is a very difficult thing to solve. Experts in this field have spent their lifetime trying to get close to an answer. Some will say we’ve made progress in our understanding, and others would say we haven’t moved the needle.

So the question I have is, how have a group of online entrepreneurs found the answers to this complex question? This question has lead me to writing this article challenge this narrative. Lets be CLEAR, a healthy mindset about success is needed, but is it the end all be all to success? Having a growth mindset is the one take away from the mindset question, and this will help you with your self improvement. 

What question should we be asking about mindset?

Lets ask the question, can mindset be measured, and how do we quantify it? Now I don’t have the answer to such a massive question, and I don’t pretend like I do. However I’m not here to sale you a course on how to make $100,000/month in 30 days ether. What I want to know is, can mindset be taught and learned like math and reading?

Another question I have to ask is can we train the mindset like a muscle? Can someone do a 180 degree turn on their mindset about success, or is there a process we have to go through? Can we loss the correct mindset or misplace it like a pair of car keys?

And the most important question of all is why do all these online entrepreneurs think they have the correct answer?

Successful Mindset

What does the mindset trap look like?

As online gurus talk about mindset they all carry the same undertone, and that is we “Online Guru’s” have the right mindset, and everyone not like use don’t. Now each Guru will say a variation of this to his/her audience, but this will be the baseline.

Now to make to be clear, success has a very basic formula that will work with just about anything you do. Apart of that formula is discipline, hard work, and commitment. If there are no genetic barrier then this formula work the vast majority of the time. These simple things are also the hardest things to master and be successful in application. 

Knowing this, a lot of these mindset sellers take full advantage of the human condition to sell you a course. Again the human condition is very complex and gray area.  We are not black and white like most of these guru’s would have you believe. Be careful of people trying to attack your ego so they can insert themselves as an authority in your life.

Why use this tactic?

One of the main reasons using the mindset tactic is so effective, is because its 100% subjective. You see there is no mechanism in place to measure someones mindset the would lead to financial success. There are no neutrons that fire inside the brain that can be track to illustrate if a person will make money or be successful.

So the entire process is non falsifiable, this leaves an out for the experts selling lifestyle and mindset. The total shift can be laid at the feet of the audience and not the person teaching or selling you a course. Why is this important, and why should this matter? 

Lets take a sport coach as an example of why the matters.

Any coach, teacher, or mentor needs to have positive results to be consider an authority figure in their field. These results come in the way of wins for a team or athlete, and we use this metric to measure that coach. This tells the public whether or not the coach is good. 

Why the Metrics matters.

Without have a way to properly determine if the information someone is selling is good credible info or not we will get a flood of crap being sold to use without accountability. This is were the make money online space is currently. There is product after product being sold by a Guru for making $1,000,000 online without skill, experience, or money. 

Now common sense and data would tell us, that something like this almost never happen outside random luck. This is literally called the lottery, and not mindset. By selling mindset all these gurus have sidestep being held responsible for what they teach. Lets be CLEAR they are teacher, if you are packaging yourself as a mentor, coach or whatever you’re still a Teacher.

This why the metrics are important, if we can measure if something is good or bad then how do we know if its good or bad? Information must be held to the highest standard, or we will lose complete trust in the proven things being taught. 

Strong Mindset

The Issues of selling Mindset. | Mindset of a Winner.

The top problem with selling mindset as the key variable to success is, how do we quantify mindset? But are there other connected factors with the mindset funnel? There is a shared responsibility between people teaching and people learning.

What the mindset peddler have done is removed the portion of the responsibility equation from themselves.

By shifting their portion of responsibility they’ve removed the libel cost of calling yourself an expert. This forces the people looking for knowledge to carry to load of understanding and/or identifying when they are being misled by so-called pros. How? This is  the equivalent to students that can’t read telling teachers their wrong about the alphabets. 

This is a complete breakdown in trust, and it needs to be called out. If you’re an information broker then the information you sell should be vetted, and met with some standard of success. Selling mindset without skill set is just a person pretending to be an expert.

How can we identify fake mindset sellers.

First not all online courses are trash, and the people selling them fake scammers. However you can learn a few red flags to watch out for when looking to make money online. First, anyone talking about mindset and selling you a course, that’s red flag number 1.

This doesn’t mean they are automatic scammers, but you should be on alert. 

Second using lifestyle as the marketing tool for why you should listen to them is a major red flag. Most mentors that teach real usable information talk more about what they’ve achieve with the skills they claim they have. You will be taught how skills are used in everyday life, not just in one control environment.

Third they have recites showing how not just individuals but companies have used their services to improve.They don’t just talk about their personal wealth and life improvement, there’s a tangible impact they can point to that can be verified. 

Shaming language is the top Red Flag for anyone trying to sell you a mindset course. This is the final stake that we all should keep our eyes open for. Why shaming language is use, is because its a sociological attempt to break a persons ego and defenses. This will allow the person that is claiming to be an expert to insert themselves as an authority in your life.

Its a standard method for trying to control people and push them down a path that will be ideal for the guru. What are some of the way gurus do this? If you see an ad, and there is a personal attack to the Claudine  about know buying their product, and this is the main reason you are failing “RED FLAG”.   

Why use Ego breakers and Ad Hominem?

When trying to convince a group of people to trust what you are selling, you have to place yourself over their self-esteem. By doing this the guru can insert themselves as the identity figure you should be trying to achieve. Once they have your natural defenses down they come in for the close It will look something like this. 

“If you want to take control of your life”, said by all gurus then I have the secret to do that. Now they come in with a high ticket offer for you to by, the cost range will be anywhere between $497-$997 for their special “Everyone can make money doing this” product. A sure fire way of knowing that this just might be Bullshit is, if the price ends in a 7. Now because most online gurus copy each other they believe in some pseudo science behind. 

Mindset of winners

Ending products with a 7. Let me tell you there isn’t.

After hitting you with this offer there usually will be an OTO or One-Time-Offer. This is the up sale inside their funnel. You will see another price spike for this “Great Buy” product of about $1,000. Now stop the Show! Why have an up sale for a $1000 after selling me something for $500 from the beginning? Here’s the play, most of these gurus make most of their wealth from selling basic level information courses.

How do we protect ourselves for these practices?

The first set in protect yourself from fake gurus and predatory tactics is to spend more time researching Everything before spending money. If you are looking o make money online, and you think you may have found a legit way do a search on the people giving you the information. Use YouTube to find if there are any negative reviews of the person giving you the information.

If you can’t find a single negative review or video of the person you are researching, red flag. No one can hope to get everything right and please everyone, so there should be some disgruntle articles, videos, or comments. A lot of these online guru actively flag negative responses about themselves. if anyone goes across the internet flagging and copy striking negative reviews have something to hide. 

Transparency is the biggest key to evaluating any guru. If a guru is willing to show you their failures with their successes, then its a good chance they are legit. Anyone that is successful in business will have some losses and failures, and the most successful teachers uses those failures as what not to do in business. But when you see YouTube ads, or Facebook ads of a guru selling you a course, all you see is lifestyle. Always try and research anyone selling you cars, big houses, and pretty women in ads.

What are some ways to know if a guru is legit?

Here are a few easy ways to check the authenticity of a guru.

  • If any guru can not show you their results of how they are earning money in the market space they claim to be an expert in, that’s a red flag.
  • If you can not find a single negative review about their information product or themselves that’s a red flag.
  • When researching any expert, and you find they have threaten critics, be careful.
  • If a guru constantly talks about mindset and lifestyle that’s a red flag. 
  • When a guru uses any shaming language or ego breaking language that’s a red flag as an example.
  • If a guru can not give you information that can be applied outside of the course their selling.
  • If any “Guru” tries to sell you a information product, for more then $300.00, and it ends with a 7 turn the computer off and go play video games.

The propose of this article is my attempt to arm readers. People looking to change their lives by making money online with information that will help protect them from scams. We all have a collective responsibility to fix this problem of the online predatory behavior of these fake gurus. This isn’t a direct attack on any single person. My attempt is to take on the entire practice or selling mindset and lifestyle. Building trust between consumer and marketers will help improve the marketing space for all to make more money. 

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