What is Whoisguard? And why you should have it.

What is Whoisguard?

WhoisGuard is a San Francisco-based company that provides internet privacy protection services. Its mission is to make Whois data more transparent and easier to control so that users can remain anonymous online. A single point of customer contact gives domain owners instant access to HTTP Archive and PGP opt-out options, as well as monitoring their site’s visibility on popular search engines.

Domain name registration, privacy protection and encryption are provided by WhoisGuard, a well-known and trusted company. The program is also equipped with an advanced spam protection system. There are 14 employees in the UK and New York offices of the company. Thomas Hunt, the company’s CEO and lead developer, also manages the reseller business.

Isn’t it a tad annoying to be targeted by spammers and have their information stolen without your knowledge? In a few clicks you could find out all the glorious information about your domain that you host. Your email address, phone number, and address are all revealed when you run a simple Whois on your domain name.

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Do I need WhoisGuard?

If you’re looking to protect your online activity, then WhoisGuard is a must have service. This anonymity tool uses an effective technique known as “open source research” to reveal as little information about its users as possible. This means that despite using a service like Tor, WhoisGuard will still be able to provide you with useful information about not just the companies you visit but also information about sites you visit regularly. It’s this kind of information which helps us identify threats and attacks before they happen.

The fact is, most Internet users have no idea how to find out who is tracking them. They aren’t even aware that there is a third party watching their online activity. That’s exactly what WhoisGuard is all about: making it easy for people to understand how their online activities are being tracked. In fact, just today news broke about a Teenager who discovered his grandmother had been tracking his online activities for years using WhoisGuard.

WhoisGuard is a free tool that will help improve your privacy online. It provides an audit trail of every website you visit, including who owns the data and when. You can protect yourself against mass sloppiness in online privacy by empowering yourself with powerful short names for every site you visit. Only hypersensitive individuals would need WhoisGuard.

Is Whoisguard and SSL?

Who is Whoisguard and what does it do? WhoisGuard is an Internet safety feature provided by Akamai Technologies. Which ranks the strength of a domain’s web reputation and reports incidents on public websites. This protect users from risky conduct by sites they visit. Akamai can also monitor for potential vulnerabilities in SSL configuration and provide protection against MITM attacks – both of these are ways for an attacker to obtain sensitive information from your websites.

What is SSL?

What Is SSL? Secure Sockets Layer is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. Technology that encrypts communication between parties using unsecured networks or servers. In transit between two organizations, it prevents data transactions between them. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) provides the benefit of protecting data from being intercepted or altered in transit, as well as providing communication encryption between devices (e.g., mobile devices). There are several browsers that support SSL preloading and use it by default (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).

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