White, Black, Grey Hat SEO?

What’s the difference between White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO?

What is White Hat SEO?

Learning what is White Hat SEO is quite simple. White hat tactics are simply following goggle ranking guideline to a letter. This entails focusing on user experience, powerful content, and relevance. 

Good On Page SEO is the first white hat method. Building quality backlinks on high DA websites organically, with guest post, podcasts or round ups with other people sharing your content are all good Off Page SEO White Hat practices. This will over time give good signals to google and boost your ranking.

What is Black Hat SEO?

What is Black Hat SEO? Any practice that violates google search engine terms of service. 1 popular form of Black Hat SEO is link schemes. What are some the link schemes of Black Hat SEO? Buying backlinks, you can find backlink sellers across the internet. Google doesn’t like this and they will penalize your website for using this method. 

Other forms of Black Hat SEO link exchanges, link networks, sponsored links, and low quality spammy guest posts. This could lead to a manual action penalty which will show up in googles search conceal. Automation programs is another Black Hat SEO that google really hates and will really punish your website for using them.

What is Grey Hat SEO?

Grey Hat SEO is just mixing some Black Hat SEO with your White Hat SEO methods. There are lot of opinions on using white hat, black hat, or grey hat SEO. Using any Black Hat SEO will increase the chances of google penalize you websites so really focusing on white hat SEO is really the best chose when starting your website or blog.

There is a ton of information on each SEO method and you can learn this info with a quick google search. Here at Marketing Wealth our goal isn’t to make any decision for you, but to inform our readers. There are some pitfalls of using Blackhat and Greyhat SEO, so please take the time to learn those drawbacks.

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