Why Learn SEO & Career in Digital Marketing

Why Learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

So why would anyone want to learn seo in the first place? So just before I go into the ins and outs of the basics of seo, I just want to go in on some of the benefits of learning seo and the opportunities that are out there. People learn languages, math, history, astronomy, biology. The possibilities are literally endless!

One of the main reasons i learned seo was because i could make money online. Now i live in the tropics and it gets really cold here during the winter time. So my days are pretty brutal and when i get home, i sleep like a rock. So i figured i would put up some websites online, and the results will be as expected. The results are abysmal.

After days of trying to go online and the computer is freezing up. As i know this is not going to go on with an ongoing basis. After weeks of trial and error and nights of studying and practicing i have finally came up with a system that works. I have noticed that after a few days the computer gets a little warm but is as expected.

I just wanted to go ahead and publish this now because i know this system works. After few months I notice I get good results. As my websites start to really rise in the rankings. My expectation was that after years of practice, we should see a noticeable difference in the website. So i guess what i want to see now is just for the first few months. I just want to see a spike in income. As I see my websites rise.

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Why you should learn SEO

what SEO stands for?There is an assumption out there that you need to go to school to find a good job – but there are also great options here. However, some people are suited to the environment in which there are probably more experts with social media, for example, than others.Getting a digital marketing education does not require you to go to the university or college.

Aside from that, there are great chances for you to gain experience inside an agency and get progressively more money. As your career goes on, you can eventually set up your own company. The opportunities are endless. You can build your own affiliate websites. Also you can buy and sell websites. 

Now, the idea of digital marketing or search engine optimization going away any time soon is absolutely unrealistic. So this is a very, very good option for people who might not want to go the traditional college/university route. If you can master this work now, of course, you need to have hunger and enthusiasm for the business. You need to be willing to learn. You need to think outside the box.

What do you need to know:

* If you have good quality content, the search engine just will not pick it up. You have to have good, relevant content.

* The more text you have, the better it is for the engine to sift through your site. So make sure the content is related to the keywords you use.

* The closer you are to the top of the rankings, the better your chances are of getting extra traffic. There is a sweet spot where you should be.

* Keywords are really important for the engine to pick up your content. But make sure you use the right keywords. You have to use a keyword to get one percent of the traffic of using a specific phrase.

* You should have as many links as you can, with the right anchor text. There is a catch that you should have the keywords you are targeting in the link text.

* You have to have the correct meta tags for the page. There are three different tags for the page, the title tag, and the meta description.

Ok so basically the basic of search engine optimization. If you get your basics straightened out. You will be well on your way of having a great website.

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