Why SEO is Important? A Beginner’s Guide

Why SEO is Important?


Today we’re gonna answer the question, what is SEO? Were going to talk about how you can get started, and help you with some ideals along the way. So, no matter if you know of SEO – and what (Search Engine Optimization) is we’re gonna go deeper. I’m not sell you a thing, I just want to help beginners get a clear starting point for their success. What does search engine optimization means and how you can become a master of it? Basically SEO is creating, designing and publishing content that search engines love. Therefore this will help you to rank higher, drive traffic to your website or offer and make more money.

Where going to be focusing on Google because its the top search engine YouTube will be number two. Both properties are owned by google so you can see why these are 1st. and 2nd. There are other search engines like Bing, MSN, DuckDuckGo just to name a few. But most of them take their framework and ranking factors from google, this is why we’ll focus on them. Google as number one because of the massive amount of traffic, they’ve set the standers for all content creators to follow, and so where not going to go against the grain. Most organic traffic will come from Google and doing the things Google likes will have massive payoffs. This is why SEO is important to keep in mind while in your creating stages.

First, you need to learn and understand how the search engines work and, more importantly, how the search engines make money. Creating content means your becoming a partner with search engines. So once you understand what their goals are and how their business model works you can use this to become a positive partner.

How does Google make Money?


So how does Google make money? Google has essentially become the question/answer provider for billions of peoples with millions of questions. Every single day, Google makes money when a user searches for a question, searches for a topic, searches for something and then the closest relevant answer is provided. By answering all these inquires daily Google sells advertisement space to companies to get there product in front of people. If an Ad is shown to a user and that user click that ad Google is paid. So Google business model is driving users attention you those ads. Now this isn’t a big secret, and everyone that uses the internet knows how this works. However we as content creators have to fuel Google’s ability to provider the best answers for each quarry.

Ad Space

Content Marketers are a vital part of how Google maintain their hold as the top search engine. All search engines follow this example, so after knowing this how do we take advantage of this information. There is to many searches and to many questions ask by search engines for them to fill all the answers, and this is why Content Creators are need, to fill these gaps. When Content creators provide in-depth high quality content that Google can use, they become trusted partners. Content creators supply the content for users, Google shares that content with the relevant searches. Advertisers pay Google to show the users their ads, and google share a portion of the ad revenue to the content creators.

If Google, starts, giving rubbish results for your searches, for example, you search for how to fix a Kenmore washing machine and all of a sudden, you’re, getting how to fix a lawnmower there’s a mismatch in relevance.  You’re gonna stop using that platform which they’re gonna stop being able to display their advertising, which means they don’t make any money. You go somewhere else and it’s game over for them.  So the primary goal of the search engines is to have the most relevant results that people love displaying at the top just below the advertisements. If Google users start having bad experiences from searching on Google, they’re gonna go find another search engine it’s that simple.


What SEOstand for?

Here’s a Beginners How to do SEO.

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How does Search Engines Operate?


So first and next thing is: how does Search Engines operate? Well, the first thing they do is build an index. It’s, essentially a database of articles and information that is stored and compare with each other. By comparing content search engines can present what they think is the most relevant answer to the users. We’ll stay with our favorite example Google. Google literally tried to understand a they try to find every single page in existent on every single website on the internet, and then they build an index. They catalog each and every one.

Search Engines Database.

Do you remember the Dewey Decimal System at the library? So Google has digitized this process. They have essentially created a massive database if you will, of every single page or post on every single website that has ever been created. We’re, talking, probably in the trillions of pieces of content that are all indexed. Google spiders take all of the data they read top to bottom. They try to look at the pictures with their alt text and little bits and pieces. Google’s spiders is trying to understand to contexts of the articles to know what the writer is trying to say.

Search engines all uses an algorithm to understand every page. They measure for keyword phrases in order to connect pages with readers. This is how categorizing websites and content flows from writer to readers and google gives the best possible answer. All search engines follow this framework, so when you optimize your content for google you will be doing the same for any search engine. Now that you understand how the search engines work, how they make their money, how they build an index of every piece of content. You can arm yourself with enough understanding, and create content that google and other search engines love.

SEO Tools


There are tons of SEO tools on the market, some paid and some free. As a beginner you want to limit how much capital you invest into an SEO tool. What you should be focusing on is the learning curve of researching topics and keywords. Writing SEO optimize content, and doing as many things as google links before investing capital. Your first investment will be time don’t spend any money on things other then getting your website hosting and domain. However we will talk briefly on some SEO tools you should start getting familiar with.

One of the best free keyword research tool is Ubersuggest by Neal Patel. Neil Patel is one of the world’s top SEO and is know by anyone in content marketing. He’s developed a tool to help the new people in the digital marketing space. Ubersuggest is a great keyword tool and you should look into starting with this. Tools like SEM Rush, Ahref, Keywords Everywhere are some of the paid version of SEO tools. All are great tools that will provide a little more depth in your research, but are not needed to start.

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Why  SEO Relevance is important.


Relevance and engagement are 2 of the main factors for ranking in google. Every SEO professional has their own criteria as the main ranking factors. Most would tell you that SEO optimize content, and back-links are the main factors, and this is probably true. However google has a total of about 200 ranking factors, and no one can say for sure, what are top. Lets say Great content and back links are 1 & 2, relevance has become a major variable. Google is trying to understand the relevance of your content by reading your content, and it looks at who else and what other pages and posts and what other social media accounts. 

Stay on topic

Having relevant content and manipulating all of the on page things in combination with links pointing back to your site is important. This means what type of social activity from shares and the page types are important. You don’t want just any type of link sharing because this could hurt your ranking. For example of you are writing an article about dogs, and your linking for food related blogs that’s a red flag. Google things you’re trying to game the system and they do not want this. The primary reason for Google frowns on this, is because again they make money selling ad space. Google wants to show pet Ads or pet related content, and food Ads for food related content. Relevant content and relevant Ads is what Google is trying to show each day, and the best content gets top ranking.

How Creators Help Google.

Now you understand how this all works, what can we do as content creators? The biggest skills, one of the biggest things you can learn to do and practice is keyword research. As you improve with doing keyword research you’ll create content that will rank higher and faster in Google. This basic understanding in ranking is Vital and should not be skipped. Take the time to increase you keyword research skills this will pay off big time. Key tip as a beginner you want to focus on low competition high volume keyword phrases.

Always look to target long tail keywords and not short tail keywords. A long tail keyword would be a phrase of 4 or more words including the single focus keyword. An example of this would be (SEO) as the focus keyword, but don’t try an rank for this you should look for a keyword phrase like ( SEO Guide for total beginners). You have your focus keyword inside of a much bigger keyword.

why seo matters

Website Engagement and (UX) User Experience.


Website engagement or user experience should be a focus point while writing content. Google tracks the engagement. If the plugin Google Analytics loaded on your website they can view the type of engagement from that data. If they visit two three four five pages on average, if they stick around on average for only a few second. Are they on the a page for two minutes or 22 minutes. Google is  paying attention to this, they also looking at your click-through rate. All these matrix should how engage the users are and if they like the content or not. Time on page is a key factor for measuring a users experience so put your best effort into your content.

User Experience.

By having a great UX this will improve your click through rate and this also adds to the users experience. Website speed is another ranking variable, however it works different then other factors. Having a fast website doesn’t increase your ranking, but having a slow website will hurt ranking. Having a quality word press theme and few plugins will hep keep a clean fast website. I’m trying to manipulate in a positive way the click-through rate. Because that’s, an engagement signal that will support my relevance signal from getting my keyword, research to rank better. The more engaged your audience is the more searchers will see your content, and this will start showing up in the Serp’s.

We often see search engines show other search results while a user is doing a search this is called Serp. Serp simply means (Search Engine Result Page), these are the capitalized keywords at the bottom of page one. These results are what Google believes are the most relevant sites per topic. Are you beginning to notices a pattern? Having good engagement tells Google the user experience is high this leads to your pages ranking for more Serp keyword terms. This is the compounding effect of get high volume of traffic each month.


Creating High Quality SEO Friendly Content.


At this point we’ve talked about Keyword research, Relevance, User Experience and last now Content. Again search engines are a big Q & A catalog of information. So providing the best possible answer for each quest is how search engines want to operate. There is also a format you want to follow when structuring the content on a page or a blog. A very simple SEO friendly way to format your article will be having H1 Heading, the H2 Heading 3, Heading. Using heading will break the content into section allowing the reader to have an easy transition with the content. Images, having images also works as Headings and can be use in a very similar way.

Quality, Quality, Quality.

When writing look at the top three sites with the keyword you’re trying to rank. You want to use as many H1, H2 headers and images as they’re using. Don’t co[y their content copy the format of the article. Keep each section a minimal of 150 words and shorter than than 300 words per section. You need to have a flow with your writing and stay on point with what you’re trying to relay with the content. Don’t focus just on word count, yes having a very detail in-depth article is the goal, But if you can write a shorter article that answers the question google will view that the same. Keep writing and practicing you will improve over time and you will be creating high quality content on autopilot.

Google will reward you when your content actually helps them find what they’re searching for. YouTube will reward you when your videos actually help them find what they’re searching for. As you start creating more and more content Google will begin to trust your site. This will make them want to rank you higher in the searches and you will start seeing you DA ( Domain Authority) increase. More quality content equals more traffic and that’s the secret sauce.

Backlinks | Off-Page SEO.


What are backlinks? Backlinks are one website linking to another website. Internal or incoming links are the links leading to the website. External or outbound links are from the linking side of a website. Why are backlinks important? Links help Google and other search engines decide which pages should rank higher over others.

Backlinks also works as a reference for sending traffic to your website. If a link is posted on trusted high authority page then the readers are more willing to check out your content. Backlinks are one of the top factors for rank a web page in Google. Building backlinks should be taken with caution. Google track very closely of the type of backlinks profile a website has. They want quality and relevance over quantity. Having a natural backlink profile is what Google looks for, don’t try and game the system Google can tell.

Site Maps

Another off page SEO feature is site maps, let’s talk what site maps are. Site maps is a table of contents or index, this list all the pages of your website for easy navigation. Search engine needs to collect information from websites. they use what is called a search bot or spider. Spiders are used to crawl website, this tell search engines what type of website and content you have. Sitemaps makes it easy for these spiders to navigate your site.

We won’t go into the technical details about how spiders but this bot is how and why your content is index in Google and other search engines. Having your sitemaps setup and allowing Google to crawl your website is needed for ranking.

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